There was no option.  I HAD to write.  I was leaving a marriage that I had been in for too long.  I had to journal my way through the tears and pain and fear and uncertainty.   In my words I found the courage to be true to myself.  On the page I was honest, even if in real life I wasn’t.  There was relief in putting words to my thoughts.

And then I did it.  I left.  And I was REALLY alone.  No partner.  No kids.  Family lived away.   So I did what any good salesperson would do.  I worked.  

Over the next three years, life threw me some curves and I needed to find a way to stay as sane as possible.  I continued to write.  But now I started writing for the public and other people actually read it.

Finally, enough time has passed that I now have enough courage to share my story in book form.  

We are only here for such a short time.   This book is my next version of “Geronimo”.  It’s my shot at pushing my limits and finishing something that I started and throwing it out into the universe and see what happens next.  


Bumble Tumble

Online dating is BEYOND challenging.  Just in case you didn't know.  It's tedious and time consuming and mind numbing.  There really is not that much difference between swiping on Zillow or Trulia or Bumble or Tinder or Solitaire or Instagram.  MIND NUMBING.  Non-productive.  Unsatisfying.  Empty.  And yet, I remain hopeful and think the next one will be it.  The next one will be the right guy with every I dotted and every T crossed.   The next two sentence exchange will lead to maybe a date. Then....  there is hope.  We agreed on a date for coffee.  We don't talk [...]

Resisting 5-0 isn’t so easy

It started around Thanksgiving.  It started to hit me that OMG - THIS was going to be my last holiday season in my 40s.  The big 5-0 was just around the corner.   So I started to make all the right decisions regarding resisting the aging process.   Let me tell you what that looks like.   Tattoed eyebrows and eyeliner. That phrase – needles in my eyes?  Yeah- did it.   Having Botchilism injected into my forehead to get rid of the canyons in my forehead. It was a bit painful as a bunch of needles poked and prodded and [...]

I think I need a therapist.. Or maybe Google is good enough.

I'm being stubborn.  I don’t really want a therapist right now.  So I got a brilliant idea to google shit instead. For instance, I recently googled  “How to tell someone they are an asshole and not kill the relationship.”    Obviously a therapist would have some great advice and would probably dig deeper into what's going on.  That's probably exactly what I am avoiding but I don't care.  Google had some awesome links without digging.     One blog listed out the steps. 1- Talk about the positive. 2- Take responsibility for my part. 3- Use “I feel” statements.  Such as [...]

Ticking Things Off.

The great part about lists is scratching things off.  Actually, I like to highlight them with a yellow highlighter.  There is a huge sense of accomplishment and pride attached to that sheet of paper.  It's a symbol that I was productive and therefore somehow good.  This  48 things to do in my 48th year list isn't really headed in that direction.  This list is more a lesson in humility and acceptance - in other words, I'll be lucky if I get half way through it. This does not mean it has been a wasted exercise. There are still lessons to learn. [...]

Just Do It. Easier said then done.

In September of last year, I was all excited to make a list of 48 things to do while I was 48.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.   Now as I get closer to September again, I'm feeling a bit under the gun.   There are only so many weekends left in the summer and there are a lot of things on the list that will probably not get ticked off and that's cool because I've learned some things about me. The first thing on last years list was to make a budget and stick to it.  That lasted about [...]

How to eat an elephant (not really). Or… how to lead a full life…

Lists. It's all about the lists. And then it is about one bite at a time. Or one step at a time. Or one day or one year at a time. OR...One thing at a time... I've been inspired by my buddy Paige Stoub to make a list for my birthday.  (Granted it was easier for her... 30 things to do when you are 30 is a lot different than 48 things to do when you are 48.)  But I'm game. OK... Here goes....  My commitment to me.  Things to do. 1 Make a budget and stick to it 2 [...]

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