Lists. It’s all about the lists.

And then it is about one bite at a time. Or one step at a time. Or one day or one year at a time.
OR…One thing at a time…

I’ve been inspired by my buddy Paige Stoub to make a list for my birthday.  (Granted it was easier for her… 30 things to do when you are 30 is a lot different than 48 things to do when you are 48.)  But I’m game.

OK… Here goes….  My commitment to me.  Things to do.

1 Make a budget and stick to it
2 Pay off credit card and line of credit
3 new roof on porch
4 paint house
5 extra insulation in seam wall

God – it sounds awful so far, doesn’t it?
6 run a 5k
7 learn Spanish
8 see a sunrise from the top of a mountain.
9 watch the sunset from a beach
10 do yoga twice a month
11 color a full coloring book

BTW… one showed up in the mail today with pencils and everything.  Who did that???  Thank you
12 watch one oscar winning movie every month
13 do a ten day cleanse
14 try one new vegetable a month
15 go hang gliding
16 send ten greeting cards a month
17 plan a flower garden
18 plan a deck
19 celebrate Denise’s 50th birthday
20 celebrate Tina’s birthday
21 celebrate Jackie’s birthday
22 celebrate Jodi’s birthday
23 scrape the paint off the stairs going to second floor
24 paint a landscape
25 Journey Dance at Kirpalu
26 Meditate three times a week
27 Ride bike to Cossayuna General Store
28 Update my passport
29 Do a backbend
30 Do a handstand
31 Read ten books
32 Go to live music at least five times
33 Volunteer at New Year’s Eve event
34 Take Chey to NYC
35 Visit MOMA
36 Visit Hayden Planetarium
37 Get a massage once a month
38 Go skiing
39 Take a cooking lesson
40 Start blog again —- yeah!!!!!!
41 Ride the Gore Gondola
42 Spend the night in Keene Valley
43 Vacation for a week at the beach
44 Go to the track with Shannon
45 Go to a Kelly and Michael show
46 Go to a Moth StorySlam event
47 **Surprise***
48 Hike five mountains

And one more… just because…
49 Research “Cancer Survivors Do Kenya” as a volunteer program.

And one more because I forgot

50 Finish Kitchen renovation

And that’s that…. I’m exhausted now.  Gotta add nap to the list.