Online dating is BEYOND challenging.  Just in case you didn’t know.  It’s tedious and time consuming and mind numbing.  There really is not that much difference between swiping on Zillow or Trulia or Bumble or Tinder or Solitaire or Instagram.  MIND NUMBING.  Non-productive.  Unsatisfying.  Empty.  And yet, I remain hopeful and think the next one will be it.  The next one will be the right guy with every I dotted and every T crossed.   The next two sentence exchange will lead to maybe a date.

Then….  there is hope.  We agreed on a date for coffee.  We don’t talk first.  It’s all text.  I think I like it better that way.  Maybe I have issues with intimacy or commitment but we don’t really need to dig into that right now. It’s just about a coffee date and the delayed airplanes that screw it all up.  Connectors.  Delayed.  Something about a kid eating cookies and creating crumbs with the need to clean the cabin.  Or maybe there were mumblings about lice.  Or someone said something about a bird in an engine.

Text updates to some guy on Bumble to let him know I’ll be late with ZERO responses.  This is called ghosting for those of you that don’t know.  Everyone does it.  He does it.  I do it.  Life happens and we just don’t respond or don’t check or phone or don’t care enough to be polite to a stranger.  It’s standard operating procedure.  Or at least this is my experience.

I will admit that I am trying to be nicer to these strangers – these people I don’t know.  I am trying to be friendly and engaging.  I try to be more open and willing to step outside of my comfort zone.   It’s not so easy.  I fail often.  I’m not that interested in guys with profile pictures that include fish.  Not sure why I judge based on fish, but I do.  Maybe people that fish are calm and relaxed and serene.  I mean really.  They must be right??  They put themselves in the middle of a body of water with nothing to do but wait.  Maybe I have been shortsighted with the fishing thing and need to change my mindset.  There is a BIG maybe in there.

Seems as though the lice has been cleaned out of the plane so it’s time to get on with life.  Have a feeling my scalp will be itchy no matter what.