Flippin’ chairs is the story of a stark raving Type A, lust-addicted furniture salesperson making her way through the challenges of life- the ending of relationships, the journey through health issues, the acceptance of being a child-less woman and the quest for meaning in her life. Flippin’ Chairs explores one woman’s ability to be honest and her willingness to change her path. It’s also a snapshot of one person’s biggest “F It” and the magic that reveals itself. Buy it now.


With a lucrative career in sales and a marriage offering security if not satisfaction, Bethany Parks’ path toward her 40s came to a screeching halt. She faced a life-threatening — and life-changing — moment and her decision on what to do next changed the course of her … everything.

Bethany Parks’ first public writing project was through a Caring Bridge blog. The process of writing became hugely therapeutic and she continued to share her thoughts and insights through a personal blog and eventually through the Times Union, the local newspaper in Albany NY.

flippin’ chairs was born out of the culmination of these blogs, personal journals, therapy sessions and lots of time in the fetal position on the basement floor.