There was no option.  I HAD to write.  I was leaving a marriage that I had been in for too long.  I had to journal my way through the tears and pain and fear and uncertainty.   In my words, I found the courage to be true to myself.  On the page, I was honest, even if in real life I wasn’t.  There was relief in putting words to my thoughts.

And then I did it.  I left.  And I was REALLY alone. No partner. No kids. Family lived away. So I did what any good salesperson would do.  I worked.  

Over the next three years, life threw me some curves and I needed to find a way to stay as sane as possible.  I continued to write.  But now I started writing for the public and other people actually read it.

My first blog was through Caring Bridge, a site dedicated to sharing people’s health stories.  Facebook wasn’t big yet so I used this tool to communicate with friends and family during my first cancer journey. I didn’t want to have to repeat myself on a regular basis.  THAT was just too hard – as if chemo was a walk in the park.   I never expected people would actually “enjoy” my writing.  I just didn’t want to feel so alone. This blog was a true gift. I could rant and rave and bang at my keyboard and people would actually respond.

When the universe moved me to Kenya, I created another blog to share this wild and crazy experience.  From a hilltop in a remote part of the world, I would peck away at my blackberry and bring people with me to a place that was beyond my wildest dreams.  KENYA? WHAT?  WHY?  I questioned myself a lot.   Even now, nine years later, I pinch myself and remember the days spent at a children’s home surrounded by laughter and gratitude and hope. Thank God I wrote about it Thank God I have these memories in words.  Thank God I can revisit one of the most magical, daring and life-changing times in my life.

The third blog was during my second trip to Kenya but that’s a different story. 

Finally, enough time has passed that I now have enough courage to share my story in book form.  I hope that somehow, someway this will affect others.  I hope this book pushes people to embrace each day…. To really come to terms with the meaning of the word “mortality”.  I hope that somehow this book challenges people to do something beyond their comfort zone I hope someone breaks out of their restrictive, soul-sucking bubble and changes the world – if only for a day, a month, a year.  MAYBE, just maybe these words will push someone to follow their heart, even if it has nothing to do with money or power or success.

We are only here for such a short time.  This book is my next version of “Geronimo”.  It’s my shot at pushing my limits and finishing something that I started and throwing it out into the universe and see what happens next.  

With gratitude,